RAD X radon and barrier membrane

Very strong and advanced membrane
Highly elastic and puncture resistant with only 0,3 mm thickness.
NOBB REF: 48435898

The only radon barrier membrane with of 7 layers structure and ethylene vinyl alcohol - EVOH
RAD X is manufactured with latest technology and consists of 7 layers. Each one of them have a special blend of high tech resins.

Highest barrier against radon gas on the market (class B/C)
Membrane is gas resistant for almost all types such as radon, methane, oxygen and pentane.

Transparent for optimized quality assurance of intersections
RAD X is additionally transparent which makes easier to ensure the quality of intersections and implementations.

Thoroughly tested and certified
RAD X is rigorously tested and approved by Kerfysisch Verse Ellen Instituut, Nuclear Geophysics Division in Netherlands and Irish Agreement Board in Ireland.

Only 0,3 mm thick, soft, elastic and easy to install
The most obvious benefits of RAD X is thickness of 0,3 mm which makes it easy to work and easy to shape as well as on low temperatures.
CharacteristicsRAD X 1)Test Methods
ColorOrange, transparent
Thickness0,3 mm
Radon review 3) (m/s)0,5·10(-9)SP-report
Radon resistance (s/m)2,0·10(9)SP-report
Air permeability of construction 3) (l/min)≤ 3,9NBI-methods 167/01 2)
Cold softness (°C)≤ - 30NS-EN 495-5:2001
Dimension stability (% along/across)± 0,5 / ± 0,5NS-EN 1107-2:2001
Tear resistance (N along/across)≥ 60 / ≥ 60NS-EN 12310-2:2000
Stretch resistance (N/50mm - along/across)≥ 400 / ≥ 380NS-EN 12311-2:2000(B) 4)
Extension (% along/across)≥ 600 / ≥ 600NS-EN 12311-2:2000(B)
Cutting strength in intersections (N/50 mm)≥ 120NS-EN 12317-2:2000
Water steam resistance 3) (m² sPa/kg m ekv. air layer)≥ 770·10(9) / ≥ 150NS-EN ISO 12572:2001
Resistance to impact – hard/soft surface – 12,7 mm ball (mm height)≥ 600 / ≥ 600NS-EN 12691:2006(A) / NS-EN 12691:2006(B)
Resistance to static load – soft surface (kg)5NS-EN 12730:2001(A)
Standard roll dimensions (m / m²) - one tray3,4 x 25m / 85m²
Number of rolls per pallet / m²39 / 3 315m²
1) Specified values are control limits for manufacturers intern control and supervising inspections
2) Calculated on pressure difference of 30 Pa
3) Result from type testing
4) Tested after method B, but the result is calculated on N/50 mm