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RAD F - sealant and paste

RAD F sealant and paste is SINTEF approved for intersection in to steps together with RAD T.

RAD F is one butyl based plastic-elastic sealant intended for splicing and grouting of all types radon and moisture barriers. This type of mass adheres well to concrete, plastic, wood, metal and stone. It is resistant to water.

RAD F is also used where there is need to additional sealing around completions and membrane intersections.
RAD F comes in two varieties, cartridge 330 ml and compound 550 ml.
NOBB REF: 46534664

  • Make sure that surfaces are dry and clean.
  • Cut off the cartridge tip and open it with 6-8 mm. By intersections of radon and moisture barriers, apply RAD F on one side and press the surfaces together.
  • Use a pressure roll.
  • By attaching to concrete wall RAD F needs to be applied on it first. After application press radon and moisture barrier against the wall and fasten with tension list.

IMPORTANT! Store RAD F in room temperature before use.


Contains White Spirit. Harmful for aquatic organisms. May cause long term undesired effects in water environment.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Keep out from ignition sources. Use only in well ventilated areas. Dispose this substance and it’s container to special waste.

Technical data
Material:Butyl based
Content pr. cartridge:0,3 l
Quantity pr. box:12 pcs
Quantity of boxes pr. pallet:104