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RAD T - radon tape

SINTEF approved as to step sealing with RAD F.

RAD T is extruded and self adhesive butyl sealing strip.

RAD T is specially developed double adhesive elastic tape, sensitive on pressure and age resistant. Material of tape is protected on one side with liner which is easy to remove during installation.
RAD T has superior flow characteristics on ABS, acryl, aluminum, glass, concrete, polyethylene and polypropylene.
NOBB REF: 46534600


All types of radon and damp barriers.


Applications temperature: higher than 5°C.
Applications method: manually, directly from roll. Apply RAD T powerfull on a surface, remove liner and press hard the other surface of butyl.
Application surfaces: must be clean, dry, fat and dust free.

  • Bonds powerful to most building materials
  • Solvent
  • Will not dry out, preserves elasticity
  • Doesn’t transmit on fingers or installation surfaces
  • Very long lasting
  • Product doesn’t have harmful substances


Basic raw materials: Butyl rubber
Color: Black and grey
Type: Plastic
Line resistance: Good


Special weight: 1,58 g/cm3
Needle penetration (23°C): 75 dm
Temp. resistance: -30°C til +70°C
Dry content: >99%
Health hazards: None
Water absorption: Insignificant
Resistance to UV light: Distinctive 

DATE OF EXPIRE: At least 2 years from date of manufacture under normal storage conditions.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that surface for attaching is clean and dust free. Concrete must be dry and additionally primed.

Width:30 mm
Thickness:1,5 mm
Length:28 m
Number of rolls per carton:7
Number of cartons per pallet:48
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Contact us
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