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RAD M - sealing compound

RAD M is self-leveling sealing compound for pipe feedthroughs during the installation of radon barrier.

RAD M is composed of several components. It gives tick consistency by blending. RAD M attaches towards to RAD T tape, steel, aluminum, concrete and wood as well as on another types of materials.
NOBB REF: 4746290

IMPORTANT! Read user manual carefully before use.


Operating time: about 10 min at 20°C
Curing time: 2 hours at 20°C
Fully cured: 90% after 24 h, 100% after ca 1 month
Solvents: Solvent free
Braking elongation: 120%
Strength tensile: 10 Mpa
Fully cured RAD M is resistant to following chemicals: Gasoline, Diesel, Hydraulic liquid, Kerosine and Salt

Adhesion (take contact with supplier for separate primer for optimized adhesion):
Concrete: > 5N/mm2
Steel: > 8N/mm2
Asphalt: > 3N/mm2
Three: >5N/mm2

Fullherdet Rad M er motstandsdyktig overfor bl.a. følgende kjemikalier:
Bensin, Diesel, Hydraulisk væske, Kerosin og Salt

Stores indoors between +5°C and +35°C


1. Remove water and dirt from radon membrane
2. Apply connecting stripe RAD T around the hole to give RAD M adhesion against radon membrane
3. Add one stripe of adhesive sealing foam outside RAD T to avoid draining
4. Shake well component A of RAD M and mix component B with it. Stir these two components
5. Pour over RAD M blended liquid through desired areas.
6. Let the mixture dry at least two hours before concreting. Prevent sealant from rain and water for the first hour.

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Technical data
Color - component A:Black
Color - component B:Natural
Weight - component A:1,76 kg
Weight - component B:0,74 kg
Total weight:2,5 kg
Units per pallet:114 pcs
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